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We are a people-focused design studio with a commercial understanding. 

We enjoy working on a full range of projects from housing to commercial and government projects. 

We believe innovative yet practical design is essential in producing good buildings and spaces. The best buildings spring from an open and enthusiastic collaboration between architect, client and consultants.

We believe that buildings are more than aesthetics, but it is the creation of spaces and buildings that people can enjoy, interact within and have a sense of ease. We do not push our ideas but work collaboratively with the client and guide the process as the design naturally evolves into something that the client has true and valued ownership in. 

With a wide range of experience in the following key areas:

  • Health
  • Education
  • Residential
  • Commercial

We offer the full services of design and architecture from the most precise house extensions to large scale commercial projects.


We provide design-focused project management services. We have an intimate knowledge of the entire building process, strong communication skills and love solving problems.

We are our clients’ eyes and ears on a project, prioritising communication with all stakeholders at every stage of a project.

Our goal is for all aspects of a project to be processed effectively, efficiently and transparently but most importantly, we believe your design intent should always be maintained.

From day one when we assemble the project team to coordinating the design and engineering contractors and executing the planning and pre-construction phases, our goal is to ensure the successful delivery of every project. During the construction phase, we are on-site monitoring contractors’ work, coordinating consultants, and performing quality control inspections so we are on top of the budget and project timeline. With proactive attention to detail, we work hard to identify issues before they happen and make sure the project is completed on time and within budget.

architecture management

Design Intent Architecture + Management the design process is more than just simply providing design ideas. Each project requires our total commitment from concept to completion to enable us to meet the unique complexities and challenges involved and to ensure your design intent is maintained.

We deliver an individually tailored and comprehensive design process that puts you as the client at the centre of the decision-making process, to ensure that it is completed to the highest quality with close attention to detail, timeline and budget.

We work with like-minded; people focused consultants and have found that this ‘partnering’ approach is the most successful way to deliver projects.

A pathway to a successful partnership may follow different paths but Design Intent recommends the following services:

Concept Briefing & Consultation

The first step is to sit down and get an overview of what you, as the client, are trying to achieve along with your budget, timing and any other special requirements.  This information is carefully considered in conjunction with any planning and building statutory requirements so that we can formulate a response. This may be in the form of verbal advice or some concept sketches and ideas to allow you to consider you options.

Schematic Design

In this stage, we work closely with you and relevant authorities to establish a comprehensive design intent brief and sketch plan design drawings.

Included in this stage are:

  • Formulating the brief to identify your wants and needs and a preliminary budget figure.
  • A thorough site analysis to identify the physical conditions and their impact on the initial design response.
  • Meetings with relevant council and statutory authorities to discuss the concept ideas and the implications towards obtaining the necessary permits.
  • Sketch plan drawings, such as site plans, floor plans and elevations are produced at an appropriate scale to communicate to you the proposed design response. If required 3D images and illustration may also be produced to help communicate the concept and ideas

A Development Approval application following your approval, incorporating the schematic design drawings, application report documents, materials and finishes sample board.

Detailed Design Development

The purpose of this stage is to develop the schematic design into more detailed building documentation, which addresses specific building and regulatory requirements in preparation for later construction documentation. This stage is used to detail and develop the design.

Included in this stage are:

  • Detailed floor plans (included input from specialised sub consultants including structural, civil, electrical, mechanical, hydraulic and Landscape as required).
  • Detailed internal and external elevations are now considered including, Kitchen, bathroom and laundry areas, unique joinery units and outdoor structures).
  • Preliminary building sections and detailed three-dimensional perspective views.
  • Review of the Council Development Permit and TasWater requirements to ensure design is compliant with statutory requirements.

All drawings are produced at an appropriate scale to clearly communicate such things as the selection of all fittings, fixtures, hardware, material and finishes.

Construction Documentation

The purpose of this stage is to prepare a thorough set of detailed drawings and specifications.  These documents are used for tendering, obtaining a building permit and the construction issue drawings.  Particular attention is paid to coordinating and integrating the services of specialist consultants, ensuring a consistent set of construction documents.

Included in this stage are:

  • Fully dimensioned and notated floor plans
  • Fully dimensioned and notated external and internal elevations
  • Fully dimensioned and notated sections and details
  • A written architectural specification (Natspec), including all necessary schedules
  •  Schedules would be included for items such as:
  • Finishes and colour
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Door hardware
  • Fixtures and fittings

At the end of this stage the documentation is suitable for lodgement with a registered Building Surveyor and statutory bodies necessary for a building and plumbing permit.


Also, at the end of this stage the documentation is suitable to obtain pricing from suitable contractors.  This tender process will usually be run over a 3-4-week period. At the completion of this Design Intent will undertake tender negotiations on your behalf and provide recommendations. Once agreed a final tender report shall be provided. On acceptance contracts can be prepared and signed ready for construction to commence.

Contract Administration

This stage is specifically concerned with the monitoring of building works – a critical stage often neglected. Design Intent has fostered many close working relationships with both large and smaller building contractors and We work closely, regardless of size or complexity, to ensure the building works are completed on time, within budget and of the highest possible quality.

Included in this stage are:

  • Undertake periodic site inspections, check work in progress, regarding design quality control, material     selection and performance as described in the contract     document
  • Monitoring builders’ progress in accordance with projected time frames, tendered price and quality of work outlined in the building documentation.
  • Review shop drawings and other builder’s submissions as required
  • Provide guidance on required supplementary details and information
  • Issue Architects Instruction to clarify the contract documents where required
  • Administer variations and obtain client approvals
  • Arrange and attend site meetings and other meetings as required
  • Provide the client with regular reports regarding time, cost and progress
  • Assess builders progress claims and issue progress certificates
  • Assess and approve claims for extensions of time
  • Co-ordinate consultants
  • Prepare defect lists prior to practice completion and inspect rectification of defects
  • Provide final certificate confirming all works under contract have been completed