design intent architecture management


Design intent is about relationships and understanding what you want.

Design Intent is a client-focused design and management group specialising in architectural design and project delivery. We believe in partnering with you to deliver the results that you want.

We believe that good design is not only about the design of space, but is also a concept of space, how it is used and by who and how they all work together.

Design Intent Architectural Design


We are a people-focused design studio with a commercial understanding. 

We enjoy working on a full range of projects from housing to commercial and government projects. 

We believe innovative yet practical design is essential in producing good buildings and spaces. The best buildings spring from an open and enthusiastic collaboration between architect, client and consultants.


We provide design-focused project management services. We have an intimate knowledge of the entire building process, strong communication skills and love solving problems.

We are our clients’ eyes and ears on a project, prioritising communication with all stakeholders at every stage of a project.

Our goal is for all aspects of a project to be processed effectively, efficiently and transparently but most importantly, we believe your design intent should always be maintained.